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  • Experience in alpinism since 1993. More than 350 climbs.
  • Experience in sport climbing since 1995. Best achievement - 8a red-point, 7b on-sight.
  • Backcountry experience since 1999.
  • Guiding since 2014.

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Vladimir Belousov, Aiguilles Marbrées
Aiguilles Marbrées, Summer 2023.

1 - IFMGA/UIAGM/IVBV - International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations in english, Union Internationale des Associations de Guides de Montagnes in french, и Internationale Vereinigung der Bergführerverbande in german.


2 KMGA - Kyrghyz Mountain Guide Association. Providing education of mountain guides with the licence of IFMGA since 2007. In 2017 the KMGA become an IFMGA member, being a candidate-member before that time.


3 SNGM - Syndicat National des Guides de Montagnes. Main mountain guides association in France.

I invite you to climb with me, learn and improve your rock climbing and ice climbing, go skiing and trekking, and most importantly - learn new things. I like to discover new areas myself, so if you have interesting ideas, I am ready to help you realize them! Basically I like to work individually, as mountaineering and climbing is still a small group. So it is easier for my guests to tune in to the result, to reach the top.

I love the mountains, and I like to hike them for myself with friends from time to time. I want challenges, overcoming, plummets and wild summits, and when you can put that together, and even with your best friends, it's priceless. But even at work, climbing the Matterhorn or Mont Blanc with my guest once again, I feel that feeling of climbing. And even if the difficulty is not in the route, but in the responsibility, but nevertheless, this moment of satisfaction from my work is felt.

The first time I went rock climbing was when I was a kid, but at first it didn't catch on. But already being a 20-year-old guy, I first felt the taste of struggle and victory over my weaknesses and fears. At first I climbed sixes for a long time, then I started to feel sevens, and finally, by the age of 35 (it's time to retire) - I climbed my first 8a. True, it was later stripped down to 7c+, but as they say "there are no former 8s". Now I climb for pleasure, and I am ready to teach and pass on my experience. Climbing is cool!

Ice climbing is a very applied thing for me. By participating in competitions, including international ones, I raised my level of climbing on frozen cascades and winter rocks quite high. This was very important for difficult climbs in the mountains, where you need to be able to move safely on any terrain. I try to get out on the ice every winter despite my work load! Join me!

It wasn't easy for me with skiing. Mountains were a place where people walk and climb with their feet, and skis were a piece of equipment for entertaining tourists at resorts. So, I gave up on them. Later, while climbing in the Alps, I looked with envy at local (and not only) mountaineers, who approached the routes many times faster using skis, and came down practically without wasting time. If you compare it to snowshoes, there is a significant difference in speed. In the end, of course, I matured on a skitour kit, and then I started to devote a lot of time to perfecting my technique. Now I can't imagine winter without skis and skitour!